How Would You Run The World?

The  Global Simulation Workshop is a dynamic and innovative learning tool for academic, community, and professional organizations. A direct descendant of Buckminster Fuller’s famous World Game™, the Global Simulation Workshop is an interactive game that builds critical skills, social bonds, and global awareness.

Through thirty years of simulated growth, participants can design a world of their own creation, guided by their own values and principles and shaped by their creativity, backgrounds and perspectives.  No two worlds- or games- are ever alike. While teams strive to develop the infrastructure of their regions or corporations, they are challenged with balancing their own team’s needs and desires versus those of their world as a whole.  A surprise mid-game challenge forces teams to work together for a common goal.  The result is several hours of intense trading, negotiation, creative problem solving, and excitement.

Developed by a team of experienced educators and researchers over the past three decades, the game has been hosted by more than 2,500 educational institutions, organizations, and corporations from over 45 countries around the world.


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