The Global Simulation is o.s.Earth’s flagship product  — a live-action game that puts participants into the roles of global leaders who must use creativity and integrated thinking to find individual and communal success in a complex environment.

Each person and group forms a small part of the picture; together they create a team, a company, an institution, a nation, the world.  We are committed to the belief that understanding how these smaller units influence and interact with one another promotes development and innovation at all levels.

The Global Simulation and o.s.Earth’s educational philosophy have their roots in Buckminster Fuller’s World Game™, originally proposed in the 1960’s.  Over forty years later, our modernized version of Fuller’s game continues to inspire its participants to explore the political, economic, and cultural forces that shape our world. More than 2,500 clients from middle schools to Fortune 500 corporations have included the game in their educational, training, and enrichment programs.

o.s.Earth, Inc. is a privately held company based in New Haven, CT.

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