Booking a Workshop

Book Online?

Can I book my workshop via the website?

You cannot permanently book your workshop online, but you can request a reservation and price quote for a particular date or range of dates.  After receiving this request, an o.s.Earth representative will contact you with further details on date availability, finalized pricing and planning requirements.

Reserve a Date?

How long does it take to book a workshop?

We typically require at least a 90-day lead time.

How do I permanently reserve a date for a workshop?

We require a 40% deposit (fully refundable up until 30 days prior to workshop date) and a signed contract to permanently reserve a date.

Single vs. Double World?

What’s the difference between a Single-World and a Double-World workshop?

In a single-world game, 20 teams play head-to-head in a shared “world.”  In a double-world game, 2 “worlds” of 20 teams each play simultaneously in the same room.  All 40 teams in a double-world game share a game introduction, 2 mid-game breaks, and a debriefing discussion, but play head-to-head only with other teams from their “world.”

A single world-game is recommended for 20-100 participants.  A double-world is recommended for groups of 80-200 participants. If your group has between 80 and 100 participants, an o.s.Earth Workshop Coordinator would happy to help you decide if a single-world or double world game would best meet your needs.

A single-world workshop is a great opportunity for players to intermingle and learn from one other. Players will collaborate and compete with teams within their simulated world.  Double-world games add an extra layer of interest.  Although both worlds begin identically, they often evolve and develop extremely different due to the unique actions, choices, and decisions of players. This cross comparison among worlds is often a great topic for discussion in the post-game debriefing.

Can we host a double-world workshop with fewer than 100 players?

Yes, a double-world can be simulated with less than 100 players, although at least 40 are required.  Our recommended minimum for a double-world simulation is 80 players.

What if we have fewer than 20 participants?

In order to preserve game dynamics, we recommend that all hosts plan to include at least 20 players. For smaller groups, modifications can be made to the original format of the game to accommodate smaller groups. In the case of low turnout, teams and roles can easily be contracted and combined to still preserve the integral game dynamics. In the case of extremely low turnout (12 people or fewer), an abridged version of the game can be substituted.

Game Duration?

Is there a shorter/longer version of the workshop?

Not at this time, although game length can be varied slightly by shortening or lengthening the debriefing discussion.

Planning an Event


Can we provide food and snacks at the event?

Yes, but keep in mind that the Global Simulation Workshop is an activity-intense event that requires a tremendous amount of player focus.  Therefore, we recommend that food and beverages be limited to before or after the game itself. Please see our tips for supplying refreshments in the Host Handbook.

Venue Criteria?

Is a venue with built-in AV suitable?

Yes, although you will need to be sure that your equipment meets our AV specifications and that the facilitator will have access to the video/audio inputs and controls from the front of the room, near the microphone.

Can we use the school gym as our venue?

Almost all middle school and high school simulations have been held in a school gym. They usually make the ideal environment for this active event. College and University players frequently play in a multi-purpose conference room on campus. Please check with your client manager to ensure gym or room size is adequately large before proceeding to book an event.

Can we use a hotel as our venue?

Hotel conference spaces and ballrooms are highly suitable for our events, but will require careful planning considerations. Your o.s.Earth Workshop Coordinator will work with you to be sure you have all the event information needed to work effectively with your hotel contact.  The host is responsible for all additional fees incurred by selecting a hotel venue.

Here are some details to consider ahead of time:

1. Unless the event is within driving distance of an o.s.Earth office, materials for your event are shipped to arrive 1-2 days before your event.  If you would like materials shipped directly to the hotel you will need to arrange with the hotel for these items to be stored until the facilitator arrives, often at an additional charge. After the event, materials must be stored until a FedEx pickup can be arranged – usually the next business day.

2. Some hotels require that AV services be booked through a preferred provider.

3. Hotels often require that their own personnel set up tables and chairs for the event; you will need to provide them with o.s.Earth’s room layout details.

4. Setup: Your o.s.Earth facilitator will need to begin setup 3-4 hours prior to the event, so the room must be available at that time. At this time he or she will set up our banners and displays, distribute materials to tables, perform a sound check, and adjust the room layout if necessary.

5. Some hotels require that a hotel employee be on-hand to observe these actions or charge an additional fee.
Cleanup: The room will need to be reserved for 1.5 hours following the event for cleanup.

AV Specifications?

What are the AV specifications?

The Simulation is accompanied by multimedia presentations throughout, so we require a reliable audio-visual system that is suitable to the venue you choose. Our minimum specifications must be met, but some venues may require additional or more powerful equipment due to their size and light availability. Remember, if the visuals and the sound are crisp, bright, and loud, your participants will have a more engaging experience. An o.s.Earth Workshop Coordinator can help you choose the right equipment for your event.

We require a minimum 1800 lumen projector – this projector will be bright enough for a Simulation taking place in a mid-size multipurpose room with low to mid ambient light. Larger rooms and rooms with more light (consider both windows and overhead sources) require brighter projectors. When choosing the right projector for your event, you will want to consider whether overhead lights can be dimmed near the screen and whether curtains can be pulled over windows. Be sure that an SVGA cable is supplied with your projector. (Other connections between the laptop and projector can be accommodated; please discuss with your Workshop Coordinator.)

A 5’x7′ projector screen is the minimum size required. Larger screens are recommended for groups of over 80 participants. Speakers must be suited to the size of your venue and must be loud enough to allow a facilitator to be heard over the din of all the players talking excitedly with one another. The speakers should also be capable playing music clearly. The speakers will need to connect to the facilitator’s laptop, which will be located at the front of the room near the microphone; please remember to provide the necessary cables and adapters for connecting to the laptop’s 1/8″ stereo headphone jack. Finally, we request wired (as opposed to wireless) microphones because of their greater fidelity and reliability. Wireless microphones can be used if you are certain of its quality and reliability. An extra battery should be supplied for wireless microphones.

Sometimes clients want to know what kind of laptops we bring to our simulations. We use Mac laptops. Your facilitator will bring the an adapter so the laptop can be connected to your projector cable.


How are teams assigned?

In most scenarios, the facilitator assigns teams as players enter the venue by distributing sealed envelopes containing team cards. After introductions, the facilitator asks the participants to rip open their envelopes and discover their team assignment. Many find that this process adds to the excitement of the game and enhances team-building. However, some clients choose to pre-assign team roles in order to avoid potential conflicts or to encourage team solidarity and preparation prior to the event.  If you are interested in pre-assigning roles, please discuss this with your Workshop Coordinator.

Teacher Chaperons?

Do teachers have to be present at student games?

For middle school and high school events we require additional adult supervision. We require at least one chaperon for every 25 students.  Teachers are also encouraged to join the game as Global Foundation members or media specialists.

Advanced Preparation?

How should I prepare my class/staff prior to the Simulation?

The game is designed as a stand-alone program. Players do not need any preparation or advance knowledge to grasp the game essentials or play the game successfully.  Materials available on our publicity pages in the “Client Resources” section of the website will help you advertise the event and build excitement.  Some of our student game clients choose to prepare  players by discussing the different regions represented in the game: their demographics, economies, culture, history, challenges, etc.  This kind of background preparation is helpful and effective because it makes the issues and lessons in the game more meaningful to the players, and builds anticipation for the game.

Event Goals?

Can specific themes be incorporated into the game?

The basic framework and dynamics of the Workshop will remain the same from game to game.  The game itself is complex and embodies many themes, and the facilitator, while orienting the players and during the debriefing session, can emphasize different themes depending on the needs of the host and the occasion.  Please discuss your event’s specific goals and themes with your Workshop Coordinator. He or she will help develop you and your facilitator develop a plan for addressing them during the event.

Event Set-up Time?

How long do you need to set up and clean up for the event?

Typically, it takes 2 hour to set up for a Single-World game, and an additional hour for every additional world.  Setup must be scheduled to be completed at least one hour before the event’s beginning to allow time for unexpected problems to be addressed.  If you are hosting a game that begins before 10:00AM, we recommend scheduling setup for the afternoon or evening before the event.  Breaking down and cleaning up usually take about an hour, and significantly faster if you provide a few helpers.

Host Responsibilities?

What responsibilities does the host have?

As host, there are a few responsibilities we request you fulfill for a successful event:

  • Recruit game participants (and required chaperones, for student games) ahead of the event.
  • Arrange for materials to be received from FedEx and stored securely the 2 days prior to the event. Materials should be available at the venue at the setup time.
  • Make sure venue is available at the scheduled setup time and ensure that chairs, tables, and AV equipment are set up prior to facilitator arrival.
  • Meet your facilitator during the setup and finalize the schedule, expectations, and goals for the event.
  • If larger than a single-world game, helpers for set-up would be appreciated.
  • If setup takes place the day before the game, ensure that the facility is locked overnight.
  • Introduce the game (optional)
  • Helpers for clean-up would be appreciated.
  • If necessary, store materials for next day FedEx pickup.

What to Bring?

What should participants bring to the workshop?

o.s.Earth will supply all materials needed for the Simulation Workshop. Players will not be expected to bring anything other then themselves.

What to Wear?

What should players wear?

Since the Global Simulation is a high-energy, activity intense experience, we suggest players wear casual and comfortable clothing and footwear.

Fees & Payment

Is Fee Inclusive?

What does the quoted fee include?

The cost of the Simulation covers the production and assembly of game materials, shipping and insurance of all game materials and equipment, and all costs associated with your o.s.Earth trained facilitator (traveling, lodging, facilitating fees, etc.)  You will not be charged any additional fees unless changes are made to the original contract agreement.


Can we save money by arranging multiple workshops on consecutive days?

We offer discounted pricing for clients who book multiple workshops back-to-back; please indicate this in your booking request.  We also sometimes offer discounts for clients who book a next-day workshop within driving distance of another, booked client since this saves facilitator travel time and costs. There is no “standard” discount rate for this kind of booking; a lot depends on the specific situation.

Payment Terms?

What if my accounting department cannot submit payments prior to an event?

If your organization is unable to release funds prior to an event, arrangements can be made to accept a Purchase Order.  We must receive a signed PO for the total workshop amount by the original deposit due date (usually 45 days after the contract is issued.) Full payment must be received within 30 days after the event.

Sending Payments

o.s.Earth, Inc.

ATTN Accounts Receivables

800 Village Walk, Ste.156

Guilford, CT 06437



Who are your facilitators?

Our facilitator come from a wide range of backgrounds: teachers, trainers, writers, publicists, game designers, marketers, activists, to name a few. All are united in their commitment to the game and to the ideas and concepts that it promotes among participants.

Our facilitators undergo rigorous initial training and receive regular, additional training to constantly improve their skills and stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving Simulation.

Facilitator Training?

Can you train our staff to facilitate the Workshop?

At this time, we do not license the game or train offsite facilitators.  Putting together and moderating a Workshop is an extremely complex process, involving up-to-the-minute multimedia movies, specialized game materials, and carefully coordinated game procedures.  Additionally, it takes several months to train a facilitator who can moderate the game on his or her own, and facilitators need to maintain close ties to o.s.Earth to stay apprised of continual game updates.  A lot of expertise goes into delivering a game, and this is what makes the Simulation such a unique and unforgettable event and guarantees that you get the most up-to-date version of the game every time.

World Game Institute?

Are you the World Game Institute?

We are not the World Game Institute, but we do offer a program that is a direct descendant of the program that the World Game Institute used to offer, and we are the only organization doing so.  The World Game Institute is now a non-operating foundation in Philadelphia.  To learn more about the relationship between o.s.Earth and the World Game Institute, please read our company history page (coming soon!)on our website.

World Game Archives?

What happened to ‘What the World Wants’ pages that you used to have on your website?

We took this information off our website because most of the information had not been updated in nearly a decade.  Since we are no longer a research institution, our staff is not currently focused on this project.  We do plan to repost some of the information on our website in the future.

Working for o.s.Earth?

I want to work for o.s.Earth. How do I apply for a position?

Thank you for your interest.  We are always looking for qualified candidates to join our team.  The best way to apply for a position here is to send your resume and a short cover letter to .

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