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“The session was excellent. I particularly liked the higher order
thinking that the game generated. Students also had a great opportunity to understand how the world economic situation works, and how world powers are involved in as well as influence economic development, especially in the poorer nations. The facilitator was motivating as well as engaging during the discussion and students responded with enthusiasm & conviction. ”
Myrtle B. Suitland High School, 2006

“[The Facilitator] asked yesterday, “Who won?” The correct answer is Malvern Prep. This was a wonderful and engaging event for us. I marveled at how “into it” our faculty was. ”
Father F. Malvern Preparatory School, teacher service day 2006

“[The most memorable thing about the Workshop was] the realization that North America truly has an excess of resources compared to other world regions. I have a greater appreciation of the needs of others. Excellent organization and a great interactive learning experience. ”
Jan Z. , Social Studies Educator
Texas Social Studies Conference, 1999

[The Facilitator] did a fantastic job answering all of the students and
teachers questions. The students interacted with different students from
different area schools to accomplish their goals. We are hoping to have you come back to New Jersey!

Felix S. , Teacher, Blairstown School
Warren County Consortium, 2007

” (The Workshop) gives us a better picture of the world today and that this picture changes every year!”
Lasitha G. , college student
University of Wisconsin – Superior, 2000

“I am the economics teacher of the students who participated
in the simulation. The problems raised in the simulation allowed my
students to use the economics theory that we study in class in an
experiential way. The simulation was a complement to the academic work
and it generated discussions that lasted long after the simulation was
completed. I hope to be able to paricipate in your simulation next year. Thank you for the opportunity. ”
Betsy S. , Economics Teacher
Upper Arlington High School, 2006

“I loved the interactions with every group and people really felt comfortable expressing themselves. More people should participate in workshops such as these, for the obvious reasons and Wittenburg doesn’t have enough of this sort of education. ”
Ann Elizabeth W. , college student
Wittenburg University, 2000

“It was a wonderful experience to watch our students work collaboratively with both compassion and determination. In a nutshell, I saw hope yesterday. It was an “ideal game” that students played- a balance of compassion and success. Our students have it. It really hit home for me yesterday. They ARE our best hope for the future. I think we’ll be okay. Deanne S. , Enrichment Specialist
Valleyview Middle School, 2006

“I think it was very interesting seeing how little of everything Africa had compared to all the other groups. We were able to improve many things through this game, so I think there is hope in real life. ”
Paula de D. , high school student
Darien High School, 2000

“The students seem to be VERY engaged and our results were
unbelievably surprising especially given our more than 50% international
student ratio. The session was run very smoothly and our two facilitators
were great. ”
Kristi T. Clark University Graduate School of Management, 2006

“It gave me a feeling that I was really trading like a government worker – it was really fun. ”
Peter S. , Age 11
School #1, Fort Lee Schools, 1998

“The game helped the students orient themselves in a global way. They were able to learn about the interconnectedness of the global economic system in a very hands on way prior to being asked to research a very specific region of the world and report back to their peers in the form of various projects. The workshop lent itself well to fostering a global atmospehere and perspective. ”
Amy V. Trevor Day Schools, 2005

“This game is a brilliant illustration of world cconomic and political policies in today’s world. It’s a reality check. ”
Cris H. , college student
Georgia State University, 2003

“I think the game provided our staff with the opportunity to
interact outside of our usual roles. That was great because I think it is
easy for people to fall into specific roles at an institution like ours. It also gave us the chance to practice leadership within the groups. We’re an institution preparing young men to be world leaders, and this simulation made me think about the types of issues they will face. We need to prepare their minds to think in different types of situations– even crisis situations. ”
Nikki C. Malvern Preparatory School, Teacher Service Day, 2006

“Enlightening! The Workshop completely opened my eyes, and though the facts are pretty disillusioning, it can only encourage me to do more. I want to try and bring the game to my school. It was extremely useful to bringing the problems of the world into focus. ”
Olivia W. , Age 17
Pennsylvania Governor’s School for International Studies, 1997

“The global simulation exceeded my expectations. It was an
excellent teamwork opportunity because it required cooperation among many individuals, many of whom had never met before. ”
George B. Villanova University, 2005

“Trading and solving problems were hard, but success was achieved eventually. Very educational. ”
Jill B. , college student
Broward Community College, 2000

“If one small group of people playing the game can create viable solutions to world problems, imagine what countries could do if they “played the World Game. ” [The most memorable thing about the game was] watching young men and women (age 3 – 20) forgetting to be “cool” and really getting into the spririt of the game. ”
Jackie Mae N. , Age 59
City of Santa Maria Public Works Department, 1998

“It is a great experience which everyone should have the opportunity to experience. ”
Andrew R. , college student
Swarthmore College, 1998

“It was fun and educational, but we needed a longer time limit to try to complete our goals. I think we should have another Workshop because it taught us how to work well in groups and good bartering skills. ”
Katie M. You need a very quick response when it comes to administering epinephrine for anaphylaxis, which custom essay writers is the medical term for a rapidly progressing, life-threatening allergic reaction. , Age 12
Cataldo Catholic School, 1999

“[The game] shows if nations had the will of the people, world problems could be on the way to being solved, this would be great for social studies & science classes on a smaller scale. ”
Lyle S. , Age 40

“Good experience. I want my friends and others to be a part of this. ”
Allan H. , Age 19
Allan Hancock College, 1998

“A valuable learning tool. Students learn to work together and negotiate. Although limited in their knowledge of global issues, crisis, and politics, I think they came away with a unique introduction as to the way the world often operates. Well done!!”
Bob S. , Social Studies Educator
Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School, 2004

“The game was a great team builder for the group of students we worked with. It had many students involved and vocal, when they may have never been. ”
Aminah M. , event organizer
Rutgers University – Camden Campus, 2004

“I had a great time and I am convinced that the program will work well at our school! Thanks again for a wonderful experience. ”
Priscilla Ann B. , Game participant and Educator
Sheridan School, 2004

“We enjoyed the experience for our kids. We thought they got a lot out of it. The kids said we should definitely do it again. Teachers felt the kids were invested and did get some real life lessons from the event. ”
Kathleen M. , Head of School
Rippowam-Cisqua School, 2005


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